2019 // A Resolution Worth Keeping

By Founder/Designer - Izzy Campbell

"I don’t know about you guys but I have always been one for New Year resolutions and this year I'm determined to keep it. I think it's going to be such a success that I thought I'd share it with you and even invite you to join me."

2019 Resolution

- Be Better and Do Better -

"Now, I know that sounds like a very vague resolution and could mean anything but what it means to me is that I’m going to try and Be Better for myself, for others and for our planet and I’m going to prove it by Doing Better.  By making small changes throughout the year, slow and steady, so that this year I will definitely keep to my resolution." - Izzy

Stage One: Be Better to MYSELFOkay Pretty Swimwear Designer Izzy Isobel Campbell


MIND Life is busy, crazy and stressful so in an effort to slow down and relax Izzy has decided to take up Ikebana lessons. For those who haven't heard of it, Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arrangement and has been around since the 7th century. The art is known for its extreme discipline and minimalism whilst also being relaxing and meditative. It requires the intense study of a floral specimen in order to reveal its true beauty.

“Go too far in stripping the details and the piece looses its vitality. Not far enough and the energy is obscured. To achieve such a delicate balance is the ultimate expression of humankind’s harmony with nature.” - Toshiro Kawase.

"The practice will hopefully calm me and slow my ever racing mind. If you think this might be something you would also be interested in check out these classes - I'd love to see you there"  >> www.artislily.com/classes

Ikebana Sustainable Mindful Mindfulness

BODY After slowing and relaxing the mind, It's time to fire up the body, because yes we are walking contradictions hahaha.

"I find that my mind and body work far better when they've had some serious blood pumped around, and on top of that it's a reason to get out of bed."

Izzy is one of those lazy energetic people, you know the ones that run laps around you but only when they've been convinced to get out of bed. She's going to give F45 ago, a high-intensity interval training class. The idea is in and out in 45mins and then get on with your life... Good luck with that. What does a better body feel like to you? A yoga stretch? a dog walk? a 3-day hike LOL?

SPIRIT To strengthen one's spirit and to be confident in knowing yourself doesn't come easy. There are little knockdowns and bumps in the road that is life and if we don't patch them up those bumps could turn into mountains. What strategies do you use to overcome the bumps? 

"I know I am brave, bold, ambitious and a whole lot of other amazing things but for the days that I forget, and they happen, I'm going to pick myself up and have strategies. One of my new strategies is listening to podcasts and I can not rave enough about MindLoveMelissa Monte has the ability to completely reset my mood. I definitely encourage you to have a listen if you haven't already." - Izzy

MINDLOVE | My Favourite Podcast >>> Bold Moves for Big Dreams with Alex Banayan

Stage Two: Be Better to Others - COMING SOON

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