Designer Insights // How did you get into sustainability?

Designer Insights

One of the first questions I am asked as a sustainable designer is ...

- How did you get into sustainability? -

The truth is, I wasn’t super involved in the sustainable fashion community until after I started Okay Pretty.

It had always been someone else’s choice whether their products were sustainable or not. It wasn’t until I started asking myself those questions that I began to understand what I was comfortable with.

A girlfriend Tahlia Hays, (now OKP’s sustainability advisor) asked if I was going to look into sustainable fabric possibilities. It was this little prompt that triggered a full-blown research mission through the depths of the internet. I became shockingly aware of how much damage the current swimwear market caused to the environment.

It was from there that I found some really beautiful, intelligent alternatives, such as Econyl. xxx Izzy

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