Meet Your Maker // Hanghang

In lieu of the Fashion Revolution week, we decided to get to know our makers a little bit better. We sat down with Hanghang, our factory team leader to ask her a few cute questions.


What is your name?

My Chinese name is Hang Liu, but my parents and good friends always call me Hanghang.

~ We actually didn’t know that! It is definitely Hanghang now :)

How old are you?

I'm 28 years old in the next month. I can't believe I will be 28 so soon, I always thought I’d stay 20 years old, haha.

~ pfft 28, she’s a baby!

Do you have brothers or sisters?

I have a younger brother named Yupei Liu, he is 25.

~ It makes sense now why Hanghang is so good at crisis management! Her little brother has trained her well. 

Do you have pets?

Our house is just 87 square meters, I really don't think we have enough space to have pets. I love dogs, but I think it would be like having another troublesome toddler haha.

~ My pugs can be completely evil... Maybe a kid would actually be easier.

What do you do with your friends for fun?

Sometimes we go rock climbing, and sometimes karaoke, and if we have a long holiday, we will travel to nearby cities. 

If we visited your city for 1 day, what should we do?

If you came to Shenzhen, we would go to Happy Valley an adventure park and at 7 pm we would go to the Shenzhen Centre where there is a light show.

~ We really hope to visit Hanghang in the future :)


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