Care instructions are boring, we know, but they are really important. Clothing longevity is not only determined by quality but also how well it's looked after. So here are our hot tips to make sure you have your swimsuit for years to come. 

Okay Pretty’s top 3 tips:
  • Always rinse in freshwater after wear.
  • Never leave them in the sun – they will fade.
  • Lie them flat to dry – hanging will damage the elastic and change the shape over time. 
What's the biggest mistake people make?

We know it's your favourite but please stop wringing out your swimwear and leaving them to dry in the sun. Wringing will damage the structure of the elastic and leaving them to dry in the sun will fade even the most colourfast swimwear. If this is you, STOP! It is a one way street to dull swimwear and a saggy bottom.

Wear Guide

Every piece of fabric, whether natural or synthetic, is made up of tiny fibres. These fibres can be damaged by rubbing, catching or pulling on things. To avoid this type of damage be mindful of the surfaces and materials you come into contact with. Such as friction from shoulder bag or dragging yourself into the pool.

Wash Guide

Rinse more, wash less! Not only will this prolong the life of your swimsuit, but it's also better for the environment. Always rinse your swimsuit with fresh water after wear. When it is time for a good wash, fill a sink with water, add a small amount of natural detergent and swish your suit for 10 minutes. You may need to repeat the process for more stubborn marks.

Dry Guide

Do not machine dry your swimsuit. After use, do not attempt to squeeze or wring your swimsuit, as this may break the fibres and cause your swimsuit to lose shape. Instead roll it in your towel, which should soak up the excess water and then lay flat to dry.

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